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Other Services

In addition to solar and generators, we offer a variety of
electrical services to make your life easier and safer

EV Charger 

Ensure a seamless transition to electric vehicle ownership with our professional EV charger installation services. Our certified electricians will expertly assess your property, recommend the optimal charging solution, and efficiently install the charging infrastructure, providing convenience and peace of mind for your electric vehicle charging needs. Trust us to power your journey towards a greener future!

Hot Tub Connections 

Transform your outdoor oasis into a haven of relaxation with our hot tub connection services. Our skilled electricians specialize in safely and efficiently wiring your hot tub, ensuring it's seamlessly integrated into your home's electrical system. Relax and unwind knowing that your hot tub is professionally connected for optimal performance and enjoyment.

Service Change 

Upgrade your electrical system with our comprehensive service change solutions. Whether you're expanding your home or modernizing your infrastructure, our experienced technicians will seamlessly manage the transition, from evaluating your current setup to safely implementing the necessary changes. Enjoy enhanced safety, reliability, and capacity to power your home efficiently for years to come with our professional service upgrades.

Underground Power

Experience the convenience and reliability of underground power with our expert installation services. Say goodbye to unsightly overhead wires and potential hazards, as our skilled technicians meticulously bury power lines beneath the surface, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution for your property. Enjoy an uninterrupted power supply while enhancing the visual appeal of your landscape with our underground power installation expertise.

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